XRE, Your partner in x-ray imaging

Your partner in x-ray imaging

X-Ray Engineering

XRE has for mission to provide its clients with state-of-the-art X-ray imaging solutions. As hardware specialists and over 15 years of experience in the development of systems, we dispose and provide over an incomparable level of expertise.
We can assist you from conceptual design through to the delivery of a complete solution, whether you are and end-user, machine-builder, engineering company or research centre. We solve your X-ray needs.

The XRE-team has offered various of its services for a wide range of markets and applications. From high resolution to high speed, in 1D/2D/3D/4D and for all types of materials such as plastics, composites, ceramics, glass, stone, metals, wood, polymers, foams, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, agro and many more. Find out more in our applications sections for a sneak preview of our capabilities.

XRE is a spin-off company from UGCT (University of Ghent Centre for X-ray Tomography), one of the leading institution for computed tomography research. Our team has been in charge for the development of the centre's systems and had a hand in almost all of the developed software. The continuous collaboration with the centre is key in our future developments. Along the years, many strategic collaborations have been set up for the realization of even the largest and most challenging projects.


  • Consulting

    We can help you in components selection, setup design,
    X-ray / mechanical / thermal simulations, with feasibility or just how to get the most out of your system.

  • Design

    Our team of experienced engineers can design your system from conceptual to fully detailed CAD-models. As an integrable black-box or complete system.

  • Software

    We develop complete software modules with acquisition, processing and analysis down to the most rudimental such as the basic communication with the X-ray components.

  • Production

    All services and expertise are used through the realization of complete turn-key projects. Does not matter how small or how big your project is.


We provide complete systems and sub-systems. As a standalone and turn-key solution as well as integrable in an existing machine or setup. Through our scientific background, we have the possibility and experience for the highest achievable resolutions and accuracy in all dimensions 1D/2D/3D/4D. With state of the art components and software we are able to reach unprecedented speed, contrast and image quality.

Our simulation tools permit us to efficiently determine the needs for your project and our experience in various market segments often proofs a valuable asset for even the most challenging applications.

We provide systems for:

  • R&D: Industrial, micro- and nano-CT or radiography setups with an optimum in flexibility and user-friendliness. Custom or generic systems optimized for your research area.
  • Industrial: Fully automated mechanical and software combinations that are designed to run in an online production environment.
  • Analytical: Even for the more complex projects that require accurate quantitative data we are experience with detailed characterization and prediction of X-ray interaction behavior.
  • Educational: Also for educational purposes we are able to provide several solutions. Ranging from training, lectures, materials to simplified and illustrative software suits.

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The XRE-team has offered various of its services for a wide range of markets and applications for all types of materials.


  • Biotech
  • Medical
  • Pharma
  • Composites
  • 3D printing
  • Make-industry
  • Agro en food
  • Geo-science
  • Archeology and art
  • Aviation and Space


  • Plastics and polymers
  • Composites
  • Ceramics and glass
  • Stone, concrete
  • Metals
  • Wood
  • Food, plants and seeds
  • Foams
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals